Checkers – Narrow Wins

I’m always conscious of the end goal when I’m playing, and when it comes down to it, it only takes one piece more than your opponent (usually) to win.  Once you’re ahead, by exchanging pieces whilst staying in a good position you can wrap up a game without giving your opponent scope to redress the balance.

Here’s a game where exchanging pieces quickly seals a victory.

White to move and win

Checkers – Favourite Moves

There’s a couple of moves that I always look for to take advantage of. Sometimes it can be the difference between winning and losing.

White to move and win


Red to move and draw

Checkers – Strongest opening replies

I’ve been wondering recently about the strongest opening replies. I used the excellent Cake Checkers AI (set to infinity processing) to draw up its strongest replies to me playing black.

12-16, 22-18


11-16, 24-19


11-15, 24-19


10-15, 21-17


10-14, 22-17


9-14, 24-20


9-13, 22-18

Checkers – 2-on-2 How to Win or Lose

Here’s some genuine situations I’ve won or lost and had bitter experience with!

The first situation is a game I lost recently trying to corner a player endlessly moving around the double corner. Despite forcing him out once, I managed to get back into the situation (failing to split up his two pieces successfully) that led to the board below.

White to move and win

The second position is a common trap that can be used to 2-for-1 your opponent, or in this case, win the game.

Red to move and win

I hope you enjoyed these two boards. Please feel free to comment with your own experience.