Today I’ve been installing Fedora 15 as an upgrade to Fedora 14 on my Eee 1015PEM.

Two issues I had:

1) When rebooting following the preupgrade install (where the files are downloaded whilst the system is in use) the system wasn’t able to mount /tmp with the following error:

“An error occurred mounting device tmpfs as /tmp: mount failed (-2, None)”

Luckily someone came across the same issue in the F15 beta and logged the issue here:

Simple answer: comment out the tmpfs lines in /etc/fstab prior to install. DON’T try rebooting with the old OS as you’ll find X and its apps may struggle to start. If this happens and you can’t get into an X terminal window try CTRL+ALT+F2-F7, which switches consoles.

2) Having installed and rebooted I was informed that Gnome Shell (the fancy new UI) wouldn’t start as my hardware wasn’t capable of it. Having panicked and searched for drivers for my Intel GMA 3150 chipset I was sinking into my mire until I came across this post:

suggesting running:

gnome-shell –replace & disown

I didn’t hold much hope other than causing more damage but having run the command the UI changed instantly into the new mode. I left it for several minutes and the UI seemed to freeze. A hard reboot saw the UI come back to life and so far it’s been working fine.

Note. you need ‘& disown’ as otherwise the gnome-shell process will die if you close the terminal window, causing Gnome to freeze.