Hide Gmail’s “Consider including” using Chrome and AdBlock

If you want to hide Gmail’s annoying “Consider including” feature you can do so by blocking it like it’s an ad.

Step 1. Get Chrome and Chrome AdBlock

Step 2. Right-click the red stop icon for AdBlock and click Options

Step 3. Click Options and Edit your manual filters.  Paste in the following:


My coffee grinder

For Christmas I got a coffee grinder as a present.  Having looked at numerous models both electric and manual we opted for a manual grinder.  This was principally as reviews tended to be a bit up and down even on popular electric grinders, and getting them in the UK is quite difficult.  I opted for this:

Shown next to our crappy kettle for comparison of size.  Actually it’s probably slimmer than it looks.  It’s from Amazon:


Like all the best stuff, it comes from China and ALL of the instructions are in Chinese.  Configuring it isn’t rocket science though.

Part of the reason I went for this was it was the canonical burr grinding element bit, which is supposedly the best type.  I can vouch for the quality of the grind as I set to “notch 3” on the first grind, and it came out like powder (suitable for Turkish/Greek coffee I’d imagine).  I now use it on “notch 10” and there’s probably 20-25 notches in total, configured by a three wing nut on the bottom of the black bit.

This is what the innards look like:

And this is what a canonical burr looks like:


I don’t clean it every day as it seems to keep reasonably clean of its own accord.  That’s with about a week’s worth of debris on it.

Part of having good quality coffee isn’t just grinding it, however, it’s keeping the coffee fresh in the first place.  For that I bought some airlock bags from Lakeland, which come with a plunger to suck the air out.  I apportion my coffee into a single cup’s worth and put it in separate bags.  For my large cup it’s 8 grams of coffee beans, so I had to buy some relatively accurate scales too (also from Lakeland).


My fictional blog – The Diary of a Telecommuter

Recently I have been inspired to write some fiction, which takes the form of a diary.  If you have a Kindle you can subscribe here:

Alternatively you can read it online here:

The Diary of a Telecommuter

To be clear: it is ficitonal. :-)

Getting Things Done – command line

Today as a quick aid to tracking some tasks I wrote a ‘getting things done’ style program in perl.  I can’t boast that it’s sophisticated, but it can be found on github here: